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The Rising Popularity of Composite Decks in Brambleton, VA Neighborhoods

January 22, 2015

There are many decisions homeowners face when building a deck, but materials selection is by far the most important. One trend worth noting is the rising popularity of composite decks in Brambleton, VA neighborhoods. Before you decide what is best for your home take a good look at the advances in composite materials and the advantages they offer.

Composites are products manufactured of either virgin or recycled plastic and wood, ground to a pulp and fused by resins in high-pressure molds. The resulting composite is a weather-resistant, durable, lightweight construction material. Over time the strength and consistency of composite products has improved tremendously, and it’s versatility has transformed the design and construction of decks in Brambleton. People are taking notice.

What makes composite decks so popular?

The key reasons include the appeal of a low maintenance deck surface and environmentally-friendly recycled components. Combined, they offer composite decks that perform, on average, five times longer than other decking materials. And, while wood decks require regular, labor-intensive care in the form of sanding, staining, and sealing to protect them from exposure to the weather, composite decks just need periodic hosing off and an occasional pressure-washing to remove accumulated mold or stains.

When composites first entered the market the prototypes had performance issues – sagging, warping, and cracking were common. But today’s composite materials have:

  • increased tensile strength
  • less vulnerability to weathering and malfunction
  • with a full range of colors and finishes
  • they appear as natural as the materials they emulate.

Manufacturers have made significant improvements in composition and molecular structure to improve the versatility and life of their composite deck products. Some of the advantages of composite deck materials to consider are:

  • Easy to maintain – no sanding, or staining, or sealing
  • Fade-resistant
  • Resistant to mold, decay, and rot
  • Impenetrable by insects
  • Resistant to warping
  • Does not splinter or split
  • Available in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles
  • Available with hidden fastener systems

The refining of the manufacturing process means composite decks in Brambleton, VA neighborhoods are hard to tell apart from wood decks. Quite often, you won’t know until you ask.


Once you see the benefits, it will be hard to ignore that composite decks in Brambleton, VA might just offer the most value for your investment dollar. Embraced by delighted eco-enthusiasts and suburban homeowners everywhere, composite decks might just offer the best of all worlds.