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Design Features to Consider When You Build a Deck in Manassas, VA

January 22, 2015

After you decide to build a deck, what comes next? Here are a few design tips and deck features to consider when you build your deck in Manassas, VA.

There are several basics to keep in mind during your deck planning phase. First, the scope of work, design elements, and materials have a significant bearing on the deck price. Remember compromise will help the best decisions prevail. Second, codes and regulations.Some jurisdictions and communities have more latitude in what options are permitted. Make sure to check your homeowner’s association codes and Manassas municipal zoning. Third is location. As with real estate, it dictates which products and amenities will serve you best based on climate. Fourth, the design elements of color, texture, and style will ultimately determine how your deck not only looks, but how it performs over time. Lastly, your lifestyle hangs in the balance when you factor in maintenance. An abundance of material choices from high to low maintenance are available. Your best choice accommodates not only your budget, but also your time.

When you discuss your deck plans with a professional deck contractor, have a list of needs and desires with creative ideas to review. You may find that adding special deck features is more reasonable, and far more practical, for your individual lifestyle.

Deck Board Pattern

Instead of a standard board pattern, try a Mandela, compass, or another creative pattern as a simple yet powerful way to set a focal point for your outdoor space. Selecting matching or complimentary materials, and designs like herringbone, chevron, or modular can be accomplished with nearly any decking material. Deck installers recommend composite deck flooring and accents as they have a high degree of versatility. This technique can also be used in railing installation, such as the sunburst pattern.

Geometric Shapes and Multi-level Spaces

Modern materials permit more flexibility in construction design, and that holds true for decks. Rather than traditional construction, why not build a curved deck? Or a deck with multiple tiers connected with step-stool stairs that double as built-in seating?

Built Ins

Seating, planters, privacy screens, gazebos – the list goes on.


Long gone are the days of the boring one level, one color, one space deck. Today’s decks are dynamic and include mixed-use spaces with mixed-material designs incorporating wood, composite, metal, and glass features. Once again, composite decks lead the way in innovative design.


Lights are a critical component of any outdoor addition. Plan ahead and you can add in lighting now, or later. Flush mount lights are ideal for deck lighting since they can be an unobtrusive part of nighttime deck activities. Make sure your electrical service has ample room to add deck lighting or your cost could rise significantly.

Arbors, Pagodas, and Gazebos

These traditional outdoor elements are perfect compliments to your deck plan. They provide visual dimension and shade, and an opportunity to introduce a natural element into your deck experience. Just make sure they are anchored to structural supports for safety.

No matter what your deck is designed to do, these are some of the many design features to consider when you build your deck in Manassas, VA. Here’s to many years of happy memories on your Manassas deck!