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DIY Fence Installation: You May Spend a Small Fortune!

August 16, 2017

Have you seen ads promoting do-it-yourself fence installation recently? Armor Fence stands behind our high quality products. We offer qualified installation services for all the chain link, wood, vinyl, and ornamental steel and aluminum fencing products we sell.

Our commitment to furnishing excellent customer service requires us to make installation services available. While DIY fencing projects sometimes appear less expensive at first glance, in truth installing your own fence may involve considerably more costs than you initially anticipate. Just consider some cautionary issues:

One: Removing Old Fencing
Removing and correctly disposing of old fencing material may require specialized tools and transportation. For instance, even rickety, weather beaten fences often include some posts embedded firmly in the ground. You’ll need to extract any old fencing completely to install a new fence in the same location.


Two: Measuring Issues
Measuring rolled fencing materials correctly (such as chain link) involves considerably more expertise than many people appreciate. These types of fencing must stretch tightly against posts. If you manipulate or cut the rolls incorrectly, it may become necessary to purchase extra supplies.


Three: Terrain And Permit Issues
Will terrain issues impact fence installation? The condition of your soil may ultimately dictate the measures necessary to provide strong and level fence post support. Some municipalities require digging permits, so DIY fence installers must look into both these points carefully.


Four: Specialized Equipment
Depending upon the type of fence you choose to install, your tool chest will need to include specific equipment. Some types of fencing (including chain link) involves the use of highly specialized stretching and post digging tools for accurate installation. Expect the costs of required fence installation products to vary, depending upon the type and size of the fence.


Five: Time Delays
Unfortunately, amateur fence installers sometimes over-exert themselves. Particularly if you rely on less expensive manual tools instead of automated equipment for fence installation, erecting a solid fence usually involves time consuming, physically demanding labor.


Six: Fence Stability
If a DIY project fares poorly, homeowners essentially replace one unwanted fence with another. You could lose money if you fail to achieve a sturdy, high quality fence after investing in this project. Hiring a qualified full-time installation company often prevents disappointment.


Seven: Fence Re-Installation
When DIY efforts fail, homeowners sometimes find themselves paying a contractor to correctly re-erect fencing. A poorly installed fence won’t display the attractive symmetry and sleek lines required to showcase the beauty of real estate. Purchasing installation services from the outset often proves more cost-effective.


Saving Money
For all these reasons, requesting new fencing installed by full-time fence installers usually represents a wise course of action. You won’t pay additional sums securing specialized installation equipment or have to buy additional fencing material to compensate for incorrectly-sized purchases. Plus, you’ll gain the assurance your fence provides secure, stable, attractive support.