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Fence Etiquette

December 26, 2019

There are a few things to keep in mind when installing a fence. One of which is defining property lines. This is information that you can obtain online from your county’s website or from a plat map that shows the entire neighborhood. If you’re still unable to get this information, you can have a surveyor determine property lines for you. It’s always considerate to let your neighbors know as common courtesy. They will also be the ones looking at the fence too. 

This leads to the second point. You should never expect your neighbor to chip into the cost of the bill but your neighbor might have been considering installing a fence as well. You and your neighbor may end up splitting the cost of the fence. If that’s not the case, your neighbor is not obliged to share the cost with you. 

So who gets the good side then? When your fence is being installed, your neighbor gets the finished side, also known as the “good side”. Some fences are identical on both sides, but if they’re not, have the polished and smooth side facing outwards. It’s also important to keep your side of the fence clean and maintained. Removing any weeds or overgrown grass without destroying your neighbor’s ornament plants on the other side and keeping your side clean so it doesn’t become an eyesore of the block.  

As long as you keep your neighbors in mind when going through the fence installation process, there will be less stress on your end and you will be able to enjoy the end result. Good fences make good neighbors.