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Create Privacy With a Beautiful Lattice Privacy Fence In Your Northern Virginia Backyard

January 22, 2015

The necessity of privacy in your Northern Virginia backyard is felt by many homeowners, but unfortunately many homeowners are not fond of the look and feel of traditional wood privacy fences. Picket fences are quaint and attractive, but do little for security or privacy. The same can be said for wrought iron, in that they are nice to look at but do not offer much protection from intruders. But, a lattice fence offers the best of these products for your Falls Church VA home.

Wow Factor:

The tightly-woven slats of a lattice fencing allow few things to pass through it, eliminating visits by the neighborhood roving dogs, pests and even curious eyes as they pass by. But even with these privacy elements, sunlight is allowed to pass through which creates an airiness in the Alexandria VA backyard. If your surroundings are particularly scenic, this type of fence provides privacy without interrupting your views.

Using the laths as make-shift trellis is an additional option for multi-purposing the fence, while also adding unmatched beauty. The unique aesthetic charm is unmatched and when used in conjunction with appropriate landscaping provides a property border that is both functional and beautiful.

Lattice fence panels are individual sections of fencing that are sold already made, and allow homeowners in Fairfax VA the ability to choose the location and height of the fence. Whether your goal is to enclose a particular area, such as a flower or vegetable garden, or disguise an object in your yard you can accomplish it with lattice fencing.

For more information on choosing the right type of fencing for your Springfield VA orArlington VA home, contact the fence experts at Armor Fence Company today. Serving all of Northern Virginia, our team of fence experts is trusted for their professionalism and experience.