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Preparing Your Wood Deck for Winter

January 22, 2015

The first days of fall quickly usher in talk of winter. Homeowners are already making their to-do lists to get ready for the first cold snap, frost or snow. So while you are making that list, don’t forget to think about winterizing your wood deck in Bethesda MD.

Remove Planters, Furniture and Store

If you have storage in a basement or garage, it’s best to move planters and furniture indoors for the winter. When planters are left out, they collect water from rain and snow which leaks out causing rings and other imprints on the deck. The damper days also allows water to pool and mold to grow. Furniture too can create areas for water to pool, debris to collect and mold to grow.

Clean the Surface

Get out a soft brush broom – you want to make sure you don’t create fine grooves in the wood deck using a hard bristle – and give the deck a good sweeping. Then hose down the deck and go over again with the broom and a deck cleaner. The aim is to remove debris and dirt that can decompose over the winter, breaking down wood fibers in the deck. Be sure to do this in as dry a period as possible. If you are already finding moldy areas, you may use a mold removal product in addition to your deck cleaning product. Be sure to read the qualifiers for the product and make sure it’s suitable for your wood deck in Bethesda MD.

Refinish As Needed

If the stain or finish is fading on your deck, the wood or composite fibers are more vulnerable to collecting dirt and mold growth. Transparent stains usually need to be reapplied annually. Before winter hits and degrades your deck further, refinish and reseal the deck. Stains bind with the fibers of the deck and protect it from weather elements. Many deck stains also contain anti-fungal agents that prevent mold and algae from growing, which is extremely helpful in protecting your deck during winter.

Before staining or refinishing your deck, check in with experts in deck building and fence installation. Maryland’s professionals at Armor Fence Co. can provide you guidance on the best products and methods for caring for your deck and fences.