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The Right Fence Design For Small Yards in Northern Virginia

January 22, 2015

In areas that have high population density fencing materials are often destined for even the smallest yards as the owners seeks privacy and a bit of protection too. And as any customĀ fence company – along with homeowners in the can tell you, the unfortunate tendency is to install fences that actually make small yards seem even smaller.

Fences Versus Small Yards

Find the right proportional balance between your home and your fence installation. Depending on the size and style of the home you are trying to keep inside the fence. For example, a vintage Victorian home will typically have a very large yard and this calls for a all fence. In this setting, a tall, stone fence would be brilliant looking. But, keep in mind, the same six-foot stone fence would completely overwhelm a small bungalow with a postage stamp yard.

Think about the benefits of translucent a fence installation. All of the “normal” types of fences including picket, chain link, aluminum, and good-neighbor-style cedar fences preserve curbside side lines, which will make your yard seem larger.

If your main goal is decoration and nothing more, consider using a small accent fence instead. Instead of installing a full security fence, you could simply install stretches of shorter accent fencing to draw the eye as you wish.

For more information on choosing the right type of fence for your small yard, contact Armor Fence Co. for your fence company needs.