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Six Fun and Functional Deck Additions

October 18, 2017

A deck is one of the greatest investments an outdoor lover can make to their home, and the return on your investment will surely pay off if you decide to sell. However, you want to enjoy your decking now, so here are six easy deck additions that are both functional and fun.

1. Railings for Safety and Aesthetic Appeal

It’s always a good idea to have deck railing addition during the time of installation, but if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, this may be the perfect time to do so. While practical for safety, your deck railings don’t have to be boring. Chose a pattern or design that is unique to your personality to ramp up the beauty of your deck.

2. Bench Seat Additions

Bench seating surrounding the borders of your deck are a wonderful addition, especially if you enjoy entertaining guests. Consider installing box benches with lift up seats that allow you to use the space for storage. Whether your patio is small and limited on space or it’s spacious enough for a large group, these permanent seats are practical and fun.

3. Add a Gazebo

If there is room on your deck, adding a gazebo or awning could be a great addition that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without dealing with the glaring sun or rain. Practical and beautiful, gazebos are useful all year round and greatly add to the appeal of your patio spaces.

4. Consider a Cozy Hot Tub

Yes, it’s a bit indulgent, but hydrotherapy is also proven to be beneficial to your physical health. Reduce stress or make your house THE place to be for group gatherings by adding a hot tub to your deck. Depending on the space and funds you want to spare, you can opt for a small jacuzzi or a larger one to accommodate your needs. Make sure you have the appropriate outlets and wiring requirement abilities wherever you choose to place your hot tub.

5. Outdoor Kitchen Delights

Whether you simply don’t want to be stuck indoors while the gang is outside or just love outdoor cooking, adding a kitchen can be a remarkable addition to your deck. There are basic models for moderate budgets and more elaborate options that include luxury features like refrigerators and convection cookers.

6. Enhance Privacy and Beauty with Deck Lattice

Want to keep the neighbors from seeing how you spend your time on your deck or just want additional privacy without marring your views with a fence? Adding a trellis is an affordable and attractive option that can offer you both. You can spruce up your trellis and increase your privacy by adding vining plants which also increase visual appeal.

So go ahead and spruce up your outdoor respite with these six fun and functional deck additions. If you are not up for a DIY project, consider calling Armor Fence in Manassas to assist you with the project.