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Tips for Enjoying Your Patio This Fall and Winter

November 29, 2018

You may think of your backyard or your patio as a place to enjoy the warm summer weather. You know that its a great place for you to entertain, but you may not be aware that you can continue using this area during the fall and winter. We can show you how you can spiff up your existing patio or create a new patio that will be perfect whether you love to entertain or merely want to enjoy the wintery outdoors with your morning cup of coffee each day.

Add Some Heat

The most important item to consider for your winterized patio is a heat source. Without heat, you and your guests will quickly become uncomfortable and will head indoors. Therefore, consider whether you have space and budget to add an outdoor fireplace, which is by far the most beautiful option. A central fire pit can also warm up the area and become a great gathering spot. If a fire is not a good option for you, consider investing in small, portable patio heaters, which can be unobtrusive.

Add a Cover and Fence

Fall and winter can be a time of rain, snow, falling leaves and wind. By adding a roof to your patio and enclosing your area with a fence, you can get around these outdoor mood killers. Consider a canvas cover or a more durable wooden roof. Wooden or vinyl fences will keep out the most wind.

Add Seating and Accessories

Now that you have the basics for your winterized patio, you can consider how you want to style it. Choose durable outdoor furniture that is weatherproof and sun-resistant. The frames should also be rust-proof. Next, accessorize with cushy pillows and thick blankets for every seat so that you and your guests can bundle up against the cold.

Add the Right Plants

A patio can never be complete without plants. Even once your summertime flowers and perennials are long gone, you can still enjoy living plants if you choose rows of potted or planted evergreen shrubs. Plus, shrubs can help block the wind.

Add a Cooking and Entertaining Area

To make your patio truly versatile, add an area for cooking and entertaining. A built-in grill is a great way to enjoy warm meals in the great outdoors. You may also want to add a large-screen television and high-quality speakers for music or movie nights.

Whether you want to enjoy your patio yourself this upcoming fall and winter or are looking for great ways to entertain in the great outdoors over the many winter holidays, these tips can help your patio stay stylish, warm and safe all season long. At Armor Fence MD, we can help you get the patio of your dreams by adding decorative or privacy fencing to your backyard. We can also help build you the patio of your dreams with gorgeous materials and great accessibility for all of your favorite outdoor activities.