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The Ancient Appeal of Wrought Iron Fences in Alexandria, VA

January 22, 2015

Wrought iron fences are a perennially popular choice for homes and businesses in Alexandria, VA. Rather than installing a solid fence requiring intensive maintenance, wrought iron fences provide an easy, elegant alternative, allowing greater visibility while still providing solid boundaries.

An Incredibly Brief History of Wrought Iron Fences in Alexandria, VA

From left: Robert E. Lee’s childhood home, Lee-Fendall House, The Lyceum during the Civil War, and Captainâ’s Row

According to the Alexandria city website there are “more than 200 structures in Alexandria that were built before 1820 – most of them in Old Town. There are only a few other communities in the United States that have as many existing examples of Georgian and Federal period architecture.” Check with the Alexandria Department of Planning & Zoning: Historic Preservation for zoning regulations and helpful resources about installing wrought iron fences (or any other fences) before contracts are signed.

The Ancient Appeal of Wrought Iron Fences

If you are considering a wrought iron fence for your property, investigate the quality of the wrought iron fence material before you make a decision. Select the highest quality material you can afford. It will last longer, require less maintenance, and provide decades of service. No other fence combines customized options, artistic beauty, durability, and strength like wrought iron fences.

Materials now referred to as “wrought iron” fencing are instead made of less costly steel, casted with a wrought iron motif. The grade of metal makes a big difference in the lifetime of wrought iron fences. Alexandria, VA residents think most wrought iron fences look identical. But within a few years, the quality of wrought iron fence material shows. Low quality wrought iron fences rust. They are manufactured with lower grade steel, galvanized on one side, and cast as bars or hollow tubes. The un-galvanized metal is naturally going to corrode.

True wrought iron is hand-forged into distinct patterns and swirls. Apparent irregularities are valued as a hallmark of the craft. If your budget supports wrought iron, it is the best choice. After all, secured properties throughout history have installed wrought iron fences that have stood for hundreds of years with great success.

What You Need To Know About Installing Wrought Iron Fences in Alexandria, VA

When shopping for fence material choose solid, galvanized steel. Compared to solid steel or iron, tubular fencing has a shorter serviceable life as moisture-fueled oxidation occurs inside that un-galvanized space.

Look for a high zinc rating to ensure a better quality metal and note that powder coat finishes deteriorate, challenging durability. Powder coating or electrostatic painting can introduce a variety of colors to complement your architecture and landscape, but also create maintenance requirements. Choose wisely.

Wrought iron fences in Alexandria, VA thrive in demanding locations – harsh, icy winters, blistering summer sun, and the shoreline’s unpredictable ravaging waters. Even under these conditions, wrought iron fences in Alexandria stand the test of time.