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Make Connections to the Outdoors with Screened Porches in Germantown, MD

January 22, 2015

Porches have been coming back in popularity in recent years, and screened porches in Germantown, MD are trending up. Especially in places like Virginia, where a temperate climate invites three-season living, screened porches are a natural, outdoor sanctuary. With rustic stone fireplaces, state-of-the-art digital media infrastructure, and comfortable, intimate seating groups that gracefully transform to crowd capacity, your screened porch in Great Falls will be your favorite space in your house. Here is a basic list of items to consider when building your screened porch in Germantown, MD.

Zoning Requirements

It is crucial to meet local zoning requirements when building any structure or addition. A reputable contractor, with extensive screened porch experience, will know how zoning requirements may impact your design plans.


Make certain you consider the ceiling. Flat ceilings give a screened porch the feel of an interior room, whereas a vaulted or cathedral ceiling is spacious, allowing for better ventilation.


This includes the number, type and placement of doors. Door placement is designed to channel positive traffic flow – through the house, and when moving about your screened porch. Use an aluminum door since wood doors swell and sag, which prevents a clean seal. Also remember the access needs of your pets.

Hire a Licensed Contractor

Your contractor can mean the difference between headaches and pure enjoyment when it comes to creating an amazing screened porch. They will shepherd your project from conception, through design and budgeting, to opening day. Using a professional contractor assures you get sound construction, technical knowledge, and a guarantee against any structural issues.


Consider the materials for your new screened space carefully – how they look, wear, and work together. There is a breathtaking selection – pressure treated Yellow Southern Pine, White Cedar, up cycled composites, vinyl, and so much more. Consider flooring first, exterior materials, and then interior trim. Finishes such as bead board, wood ceilings and hand-hewn posts add personality and character to any porch.

Your Electrical Grid

Diagram your space and show every power outlet, light switch, media device or other electrical requirements, along with electrical items such as ceiling fans, lighting or emergency power. Many of our customers install wall-mounted flat screens on their screened porches in Northern Virginia which require cable or other input sources. Advance design planning will incorporate all of these specifications.

Screened porches reduce the sunlight that reaches adjacent interior rooms. How much natural light do you want in your screened porch? Do you want recessed lighting? Ceiling fans? Pendant lights? You need answers before you plan electrical work.

You just took an important step toward getting the screened porch you always wanted at your Great Falls home. Now take the next step. Contact Armor Fence about your beautiful new porch today.