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How Design Details Can Save Money When You Build A Deck in Rockville MD

January 22, 2015

Many homeowners are unaware of how design details can save money when they build a deck in Rockville MD. To redefine multiple deck spaces during the deck planning phase, many different design techniques and constructions materials are utilized. Design details can make practical yet dynamic changes that support multi-functional outdoor spaces when you build your deck.


Experienced deck designers use various architectural techniques to design a deck to flow from space to space with smart design that defines separate areas for specific functions. One detail, Installation of a dry or rain decking system, is ideal for multi-level, second story, and rooftop decks, as it creates twice the extended living space for relaxation and outdoor living. Built to protect the deck substructure from rot and decay, it works like a covered porch, allowing you to enjoy the dry oasis beneath your deck when it isn’t your preferred option.

Before you build your deck in Rockville MD make sure to explore the simple ways these various design details can save you money:

  • Consider a combination of outdoor spaces and structures to create your individual outdoor living environment. Build a deck with a patio, or a deck with a screened porch. Use outdoor structures such as pergolas, gazebos, and arbors. They introduce visual diversity, act as shade producers, and encourage healthy transitional areas between the indoors and outdoors
  • Including different structures is also a smart way to define separate areas in any outdoor living area
  • Selecting several materials or one material in different styles or colors, such as complimentary woods or combining woods with metals or stone, enables clear definition of separate outdoor areas, such as dining and relaxing
  • A multi-level design breaks up deck and patio space for myriad purposes
  • Built-ins, including a beverage rail, seating, planters, and storage replace expensive outdoor furniture and decor
  • Planning design details, deck materials, and patterns before you build a deck is a simple, cost-effective technique for outdoor space

Give consideration to the many design details that can save you money before you build your deck in Rockville MD.