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Search Fence Costs in Fairfax, VA Before You Talk to A Fence Company

January 22, 2015

Fence installation cost in Fairfax, VA depends on a wide range of factors, including:

  • the fence material you choose
  • the height of the fence
  • how many linear foot of fence you need, and
  • installation labor costs

The most common fence material choices today are chain link, wood, and vinyl. Most people in Fairfax want some combination of privacy and security. Ornamental fencing is available in steel and iron, but both are considerably more expensive.

The size and height will determine in how much fence you need. That, combined with your fence material selection, will make up the biggest components of your fence cost.

Figure out the number of corner posts, line posts, and gates you need. This varies on the number of gates, the distance between each post, and the fence height. Post distances vary between 6, 8, and 10 feet.

Some additional fence cost factors in Fairfax, VA:

  • Add $2-$5 per linear foot to remove an existing fence
  • Fence posts cost $10-$30, depending on material
  • Divide the total linear feet by ten to calculate the total number of posts needed
  • Post caps and brackets average $2.50 each.
  • A gate can cost as little as $250, with a double-wide, vehicle-accessible gate fetching $2,500 or more.
  • A fence contractor estimate is quoted in price per linear foot without separate line items for materials and labor
  • Estimates from licensed, experienced, local fence companies will include all parts and labor in their fence cost estimate
  • Factor in an additional percentage of your fence cost if you have a hilly or obstructed landscape
  • Clearly mark property boundaries and setback lines
  • Know your local zoning requirements
  • Determine where to place your fence line
  • Make sure your fence meets all legal and HOA restrictions and regulations
  • Average fence costs in Fairfax run from $8/linear foot for chain link up to $35 for vinyl fencing, with wood prices landing in between.

Before you contact a fence company do your internet research. Search “fence cost Fairfax, VA” to find customers who have used the same fence installation company, or received superior service from a competitor. There are many digital sources to help in your search to find the best possible fence cost in Fairfax, VA.