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Common Questions About Fence Installation in Manassas VA

January 22, 2015

When you consider installing a new fence, there are basic questions that need thoughtful answers. Here are some common fence installation questions people ask in Manassas and throughout Northern Virginia.

What Permits or Legal Authorizations Do I Need For My Fence?

Northern Virginia zoning regulates all construction, including fence installation. There may be height, location, and design restrictions. Your jurisdiction probably requires a building permit prior to fence installation. If you have a homeowner’s association check those community covenants, which can include legally binding restrictions. Virginia law also requires you phone Miss Utility at 811 to schedule a property survey to identify buried utility lines before digging fence post holes.

Do I Have to Consult My Northern Virginia Neighbors Before My Fence Installation?

Not normally, although letting them know beforehand is considered common courtesy. However, if you plan on your Manassas, VA neighbors sharing fence costs discuss that well in advance. Your local ordinances or homeowner’s association guidelines may require you provide advanced notice to your adjoining neighbors.

What Fence Materials Are Practical?

Fences materials, including wood, composite, wrought iron, chain link and vinyl, each have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Wood fences are typically built by hand with raw lumber. Vinyl fences are pre-manufactured panels installed by sections. Metal fences made of aluminum or steel, can be purchased in chain link rolls or as prefabricated metal panels. Your specific needs and location will determine which material is right for your fence.

Do Most Fences Touch the Ground?

If you are installing your fence to keep pests out or dogs in you may need your fence to be flush with the ground. However, be aware when fences make direct contact with the ground it can increase maintenance requirements. Depending on the fence material it may be exposed to more rapid moisture damage, leading to more frequent care and repair.

How Does Weather Affect Fence Installation?

The weather in Manassas, Virginia can affect your fence installation. High humidity and precipitation has a direct impact on post hole stability and setting concrete. Air temperature outside the acceptable range causes problems with concrete, and can cause instability of your actual fence material, making installation difficult. For that reason your fence installation is best completed during a warm, dry period.

What Height Should My Fence Be?

This depends on the purpose of your fence. A fence designed to contain small pets and children can be 4 feet tall. Privacy fences may need to be above 7 feet tall, while security fences vary from 5 to 7 feet. Decorative or ornamental fences may be only 3 to 4 feet tall.

How Long Will My Northern Virginia Fence Last?

Your fence durability depends on many factors. The material you select, the original coatings, your weather, and regular preventive maintenance all play a part in dictating how long your fence will last. Treated lumber or naturally resistant wood species encourage a longer lifespan for wood fences, while man-made materials such as vinyl, composite, and metal, are more resistant. In any case, your care and maintenance efforts can make a significant difference in the life of your fence.

How Long Does Fence Installation Take in Manassas, VA?

This depends on the fence material, the terrain, the design, and length of your fence. Another big factor is whether you install your own fence or hire a fence company to do the installation. If the weather is favorable and you hire an experienced fence installation company you should have a new fence within three to five days.