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Tips to Baby-Proof Your Woodbridge, VA Screened Porch

January 22, 2015

Your Northern Virginia home is now complete with a screened porch that your family can enjoy throughout the year in a variety of ways. With these baby proofing tips in place, your screened porch will be enjoyed by all with no more worry than you had inside the four walls of your Falls Church, VA home.


  • Ask your builder or contractor about child proof and tamper proof screens. These screens look the same as other types of screens used in screened porches, but will not sway or bend when pushed on. As soon as the little one gets his legs moving, the screens will be pushed on. This also comes in handy with pets who may push up against the screen or sun themselves and lean against the screen.
  • Consult with the builder about the amount of space between each of the screens. The wood framework should be approximately 24 inches apart to keep the screens taut and in place.
  • Use metal frames for the screens rather than wood frames, especially with small children. The metal frames tend to be sturdier and will withstand the (unintentional) abuse of small children better.
  • Use self-closing and locking mechanisms on the doors to prevent children from letting themselves out of the door and out of the house. These are typically more heavy duty than storm doors and will provide a safer way of keeping the kids corralled.
  • Always make sure electrical outlets inside your Arlington, VA screened porch are protected from moisture and small children. Outlet covers are a very inexpensive way to keep fingers, toys and other objects that do not belong in outlets away from danger.

When you consider building a screened porch onto your Northern Virginia home, contact the team of experts at Armor Fence. Our dedication to quality products and customer service is unmatched.