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Commonly Asked Questions About Residential Chain Link Fences for Your Herndon, VA Home

January 22, 2015

Homeowners in Northern Virginia considering their options for fencing often have many questions, and sometimes so many they are unsure where they should start. We put our thinking caps on and put together this list of frequently asked questions we receive from homeowners in Herndon, VA and throughout the Northern Virginia region, to help make your decision to choose – or not to choose – a chain link fence for your property.

Are all chain link fences created equal – are they all made of the same materials?

Chain link fencing is made of four basic elements – fabric, framework, fittings and gages. The biggest difference between the chain link fence on your property and that on your Herndon, VA neighbor’s property is the way those pieces are put together. Homeowners have the option to choose from a variety of different weights – or gauges – and types of protective coatings, but other than that, all chain link fences are nearly equal.

What is the most common type of coating on chain link fences?

You probably know you have a variety of options when choosing the materials for your chain link fence, but the most commonly used type of coating is galvanized, or zinc. Other options for coating the chain link fence on your Herndon, VA property include vinyl and polyester color coatings. The other types of coatings allow for color treatments that blend with the landscaping on your property such as trees, shrubs and bushes. These types of coating also provide extra protection against corrosion, rust and damage from the elements.

What do I need to know about the gauge of the chain link fence?

The gauge, or diameter, of the chain link fence is perhaps the most important factor to consider. The gauge number indicates the amount of steel used to actually made the chain link fence material. The smaller the gauge number, the more steel was used, the stronger the fence and the higher quality product it is.

If you have additional questions about installing a chain link fence on your Herndon, VA┬áproperty, contact Northern Virginia’s fencing experts at Armor Fence today.