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Benefits of a Wooden Privacy Fence For Your Fairfax, VA Home

January 22, 2015

Even though many homeowners in the Fairfax, VA and the rest of Northern Virginia area think the benefits of a fence around their property are obvious, some may not be as obvious as you would think. Choosing a wood privacy fence to surround your entire property or even just a small portion like your prized rose garden, provides added benefits over other types of fencing.


A wooden privacy fence on your Fairfax, VA property protects your family, pets and plants from unwanted intruders. Preventing strangers and would-be criminals from seeing inside your home is the first line of defense against theft and intrusion. Keeping prying eyes from peering inside your home also provides privacy in areas where homes are constructed close together and you may not feel as secluded as you would like.

Other benefits of a wooden privacy fence on your Fairfax, VA property include tradition, appearance and maintenance factors. When choosing a fence for your property, your options are vast. Choosing the right type of fence for your personal preference is another story, and should be based on factors other than the price tag.

Modern fence designs offer some of the same benefits, but the tradition of a wooden privacy fence is unmatched. This traditional material – wood – complements nearly any style home and will look as though it is part of the landscape rather than an intrusive manufactured material.Wood fencing is the standard in home privacy fences which most others are compared.

The appearance of a wood privacy fence is another benefit. A wood privacy fence can be built of a variety of different colors and textures, making it truly yours. Blending the fence with other aspects of your landscaping and outdoor entertaining fixtures such as a deck or gazebo is a piece of cake. Privacy fences can also be stained, so if you choose to change the color of the fence when you change the color of your home, deck or gazebo that can be done easily as well.

Other types:

Other types of fences, such as metal chain link fences or ornamental wrought iron fences, can corrode and show their age. When a wood privacy fence begins to show signs of age and wear, simply refinishing the wood surface will make it look like new again.

For more information on choosing the right type of fence for your Fairfax, VA or Northern Virginia property, contact the fence experts at Armor Fence.