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Wrought Iron Fences – Stylish Security For Your Arlington, VA Home

January 22, 2015

The old-world beauty of a wrought iron fence and gate is unmatched by most of today’s offerings in the fence world, but homeowners throughout the Northern Virginia, including theArlington VA area haven’t forgotten it. The classic appearance and long lasting durability of wrought iron fences and wrought iron gates continue to make them the choice of many homeowners. The wrought iron fence and wrought iron gate offers a sense of security, history and luxury all at the same time.


Many fence companies throughout the Northern Virginia region may attempt to sell you on similar products rather than a traditional wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence. While you may hear about the difficulty of maintaining a wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence since if untreated iron will rust when exposed to the elements, products and techniques are available to reduce or eliminate this possibility.


The old elegance associated with wrought iron gates and wrought iron fences is preferred by many homeowners, especially those in areas where many original homes are still standing. The materials looks right at home in these historic homes, and will compliment other materials used in your home’s exterior quite nicely. Wrought iron works as well as brick, concrete, natural stone, and other commonly used building materials make it an easy choice for many homeowners. The authenticity and rustic charm make wrought iron fences and wrought iron gates perfect for a contemporary driveway, garden or front entrance way into a home.

Even though many wrought iron fences and wrought iron gates of decades past have not been maintained as they should be and have since rusted, iron does not need to rust away. In fact, when approached in the right manner, wrought iron needs less attention than a wood fence or wood gate does. At the first sign of wear or rust, a wrought iron gate or fence should be tended to; when care and attention are paid, a wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence will last for decades.

For more information on installing a wrought iron gate or wrought iron fence on your Arlington VA and Northern Virginia property, contact the fence experts at Armor Fence today.