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Tips On Sanding and Staining The Wood Fence On Your Springfield Virginia Property

January 22, 2015

Like it or not, at some point in time the wood fence surrounding your Springfield VA property will need to be sanded and stained. The investment you made in a wood privacy fence was a good one, as it adds significant curb appeal to the home while also adding privacy and safety. But unless you take proper care of the fence, you are likely to end up with less beauty and more dread. Not only does sanding and staining the wood fence add to its curb appeal, it also may protect it from the elements of the Northern Virginia weather. Use these tips to make your fence sanding and staining and fence sealing projects a bit easier and less frustrating.


  • Always know what to expect from Mother Nature before beginning your fence staining project. The stain will require at least 48 hours to completely dry, if not, it may not dry correctly and leave you with a bigger headache than what you started with.
  • Determine what method of stain application you plan to use before you begin. You can choose to brush or roll the stain, or even use a spray gun, but make a decision and prepare for it. Using a spray gun is much faster, but the end result may be more even when you stain the wood fence by hand.
  • Prevent damage to the surrounding plants, flowers and trees by covering each of the areas with tarps or drop cloths prior to beginning the project.
  • Always know what to expect from your Falls Church VA fence in terms of rot and decay that may need to be addressed. Inspect for weak, rotten or broken boards before beginning your project to ensure the finished product looks like new.
  • Power-wash the fence before you begin staining it. If you are inexperienced with a power washer, consider hiring professionals to do it for you. The high pressure water can easily damage the wood, which will again lead to added expense.

For more information on maintaining wood fences in Northern Virginia, contact the leading fence company professionals at Armor Fence today.