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Choosing the Right Maintenance-free Fence For Your Northern Virginia Home

January 26, 2015

With so many quality maintenance-free fence options available to Northern Virginia¬†homeowners, many are left somewhat confused about what type of fence is best for their needs. Choosing the right fence can be the difference between aesthetically pleasing and simply “it’s a fence.” If you just want “a fence” then you probably are not concerned about choosing the right type of fence, but if you want more than that, continue reading for tips on choosing the right type of fence.

Aspects to Consider in you Fence Options

Consider first the design of your home and yard, and then begin considering the type of fence¬†you invest in. The fence you choose should complement your home’s exterior rather than stand out like a misplaced sock in a pantyhose drawer. Choosing the material and color are the biggest factors when basing your choice on the look of the fence, and many homeowners also consider the expense of the materials as well.

Many homeowners in the Leesburg, VA area prefer the look of wrought iron look for areas surrounding the pool or garden. And because most metal tubing is galvanized, there is no better material for durability and resistance to corrosion. Wrought iron fences are also great as security fences at businesses, often with an automatic sliding gate if desired.

A wood picket fence is often appropriate for a Heritage style home. For homeowners who want to achieve a fence look that is modern and contemporary, consider a stained wood and concrete combination for your fence.

Look to your home’s exterior for inspiration when choosing a color for your fence. Whatever type of fence material you choose should match the gutters, roof and window trim for the best curb appeal. However, if you are not concerned about those aspects of the fence, then base your color choice on whatever you personally like better.

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