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Create a Beautiful Chain Link Fence Around Your Northern Virginia Property

January 26, 2015

Chain link fences provide the essential needs of a fence for your Aldie, VA home, but they are not always the most aesthetically pleasing fence option. But with a little work and some green thumb action, your chain link fence can serve as a beautiful surround, rather than a utilitarian piece of hardware on your property.

Using a selection of plants known as “fence eaters” you can cover the fence and improve the look of your landscape at the same time. Use a variety of many different vines – starting from seeds – to increase the texture, colors and shapes of your chain link fence. Vines are typically some of the easiest plants to start from seeds, as both germination and growth are quick and simple. Starting from seeds also saves you money and the ability to accomplish the growth from beginning to end.

If your goal is to quickly cover your chain link fence, choosing to use a vine may be a better option for you. Vine plants like Clematis and Wisteria may take years to bloom when planted from a seed, so in this situation starting with a vine is always the best choice. Perennial vines also are best started from vines rather than seeds, especially if blooms are you overriding goal – in addition to covering your chain link fence of course.

Annual vines nearly always grow faster than their perennial counterparts, but the tradeoff is less full foliage. Consider using a combination of both annuals and perennials for the best results. The combination is likely to produce a mix of large leaves with early and profuse blooms. As you wait for the perennials to fill in, which may take several years, you can get coverage with multiple annuals in the meantime.

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