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Commonly Asked Questions About Vinyl Fences From Arlington, VA Homeowners

January 26, 2015

When people throughout the Northern Virginia area, including Arlington, VA, think about fences for their property, most automatically think of wood or chain link fences based on previous experience and tradition. But, when considering the additional options available in today’s market, these homeowners may change their opinion. One of the newest types of fence is vinyl fencing, but since most people know very little – or nothing – about vinyl fencing, we put together this list of frequently asked questions about vinyl fencing to help you out.

What Is Vinyl Fencing Constructed Of?

Commonly known as PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, it is a compound made with a high level of Titanium Dioxide that enables the material to keep its color longer while remaining quite strong and resistant. The combination of materials is ultra-violet light resistant and can withstand the constant exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, as well as the other natural weather elements that come into play in Arlington, VA and all of Northern Virginia. The materials used to make┬ávinyl fencing are very similar to those used to make other vinyl products, such as vinyl siding and vinyl windows, and has a longstanding history of providing long-lasting durability.

What Colors Does Vinyl Fencing Come In?

Most vinyl fences are constructed in either white or almond, a perfect to match the exterior of your home and compliment the surroundings. The titanium dioxide – the product used to make the vinyl fencing keep its color and texture – is white, which makes tinting it to dark shades difficult. Since dark colors attract the sun and heat which could ultimately lead to warping or other sun damage, manufacturers have chosen to remain true to the material and produce vinyl fencing in these light colors.

Is a Vinyl Fence Fire Resistant?

The materials used to construct a vinyl fence around your Northern Virginia home are in fact fire resistant. PVC has a fire point temperature of 900 degrees, making it unlikely to burn – especially since it does not ignite easily. Also, vinyl fencing is considered “self-extinguishing,” meaning it will not continue to burn if it is set afire.

For more information on how to use vinyl fencing around your Arlington, VA or Northern Virginia property, contact our vinyl fence experts at Armor Fence Co. today.