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Tips On Keeping Your Arlington, VA Vinyl Fence Clean

January 22, 2015

Vinyl fencing is a relatively new idea to many property owners in the Arlington, VA and Northern Virginia area. Which means many are faced with questions regarding its care and maintenance. Rather than guessing and getting it wrong, here are some tips for keeping your vinyl fence clean and keep it looking new longer.


  • Clean your vinyl fence. The fence is outside, obviously, and exposure to the elements of Northern Virginia is likely to make the vinyl fence dirty at some point. Care and cleaning of the vinyl fence however is as easy as using soap and water. Most residues can be easily removed from the surface of your vinyl fence using a mild detergent and hot water, but for tough stains you may have better luck with baking soda and water. Other cleaning products designed for gentle cleaning may work as well, but always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before applying any chemical to your vinyl fence.
  • Protect your vinyl fence; keep lawn equipment away from it. Wood and PVC products, such as a vinyl fences, do not withstand contact with lawn care equipment well. Use caution when trimming near the fence posts with lawn mowers and weed eaters. Continued abuse of the vinyl fence posts by this type of aggressive equipment can lead to damage to the fence posts.
  • Don’t be alarmed by mold or mildew. When exposed to the natural elements of Arlington, VA, your vinyl fence may develop mold or mildew. However, unlike wood fences, when these pesky intruders appear, it can easily be removed using a simple solution of hot water and household detergent.

If you have questions about keeping your Northern Virginia property secure with a vinyl fence or about cleaning the vinyl fence that are not answered here, just give us a call. Our team of vinyl fence experts will happily answer your questions and help you protect your investment.