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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Vinyl Fencing For Your Arlington, VA Home

January 22, 2015

The fencing industry has changed through the years, and now homeowners in the Northern Virginia, especially those in the Arlington, VA area, want to know more about vinyl fencing. The material itself is not new, as it has been used in vinyl siding and vinyl windows for many years, but the application of turning that material into a fence is a somewhat new idea. With that in mind, we have put together this list of questions we commonly receive about vinyl fencing.

I’m worried my vinyl fence will turn yellow. Should I?

The truth of the matter is whether or not your vinyl fence will turn yellow when exposed to the weather conditions of Arlington, VA – or those throughout all of Northern Virginia – is it may – unless you buy a quality vinyl fence. Vinyl fencing that contains titanium dioxide prevents damage from ultraviolet rays, which is what would turn the vinyl fence yellow. A quality vinyl fence will come with a warranty against discoloration, which is typically transferrable between owners.

Will my vinyl fence break due to extreme heat or cold?

As is true with nearly all plastic-based materials, vinyl fencing does become less flexible in cold weather. But, unless the vinyl fence is subjected to an unusual amount of force or impact, it will not break. The fence material will contract and expand due to temperature changes, like most materials, but the vinyl fence is manufactured to withstand the temperature changes such as those in Arlington, VA.

Is a vinyl fence durable?

The vinyl used to make vinyl fencing is constructed with a chemical compound that enhances durability. The resulting product meets or exceeds the industry standards for the performance of the vinyl fences.

I have specific fence designs in mind, can vinyl fencing be customized?

Nearly any fence design you can imagine in wood or iron can be constructed from vinyl fencing material as well. The material does not limit the options available for your Arlington, VA home. The styles available vary greatly, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, custom vinyl fences and gates are available as well.

To learn more about fences and how to fit one into your Northern Virginia lifestyle, contact our team of vinyl fence experts at Armor Fence Co. today. Serving all of Northern Virginia, including Arlington, VA, Manassas Park, VA and Vienna, VA, we always strive to exceed your expectations.