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How Often Should I Stain My Fence?

June 29, 2020

Your fence is your home’s first defense against intruders and burglar attacks. It provides security, protection and privacy. Your fence can also enhance your home’s curb appeal – especially when given proper care and maintenance. With all the benefits you can get from a fence, it is important that you keep it in its best shape for longer.

Maintaining your Fence

Your fence is designed to last a long period of time. However, because it is exposed to outside elements which can be harmful, it may get damaged and deteriorate with time. Too much exposure to sunlight, rain, snow and other harmful elements will contribute to its damage and decomposition. If you want to keep your fence looking good for years and serve its purposes without any damage, it is important to keep it well maintained. One of the best ways to keep your fence strong and nice is to stain it. 

Staining your Fence

Most fences are made of wood and your fence is probably no different. Wood fences are beautiful and can complement any home design. However, woods are vulnerable to damage caused by pests, bugs and birds, not to mention exposure to extreme weather. Fortunately, your fence doesn’t have to suffer this kind of damage if you give your fence some sort of protection by applying a stain. When a fence is properly stained, it can create a protective barrier that guards it against wood’s most common enemy – moisture.

Staining is the preferred method for most people because it provides more protection though it might cost more. Stain costs less, but you might need more of it to complete the entire staining job. However, stain absorbs into the wood better than paint and it doesn’t chip or peel over time. It will just fade away requiring you to stain your fence again.

How often should I stain?

Homeowners are wondering how often they should stain their fences. Should it be every 3 months or once a year? While you are thinking about protecting your fence and making sure it doesn’t get damaged easily, the frequency of staining it depends on one important factor – your local climate. If you live in a dry area and experience less rain throughout the year, your fence may require less maintenance and less staining. 

Look closely at your fence. Does the rainwater soak into the wood? Do you see droplets on the wood surface? If you notice that the wood is soaked with water, your fence is in need of staining. 

You can also consider staining your fence to give it a fresh new look! If you want your fence to bring out your home’s best appearance, stain it with something that works well with your home’s style and current color palette. It is important to come up with an overall appearance that looks good with a synchronized effect. 

Stain your fence today and let your fence last a long time while making your home stand out from the rest.