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How to Extend the Life of Wooden Fences

August 3, 2021

A wood fence is still the most popular type of fence in the US today. Not only does a wood fence give you a sense of privacy, but it is also very economical and adds natural beauty to your property. However, like any other natural materials exposed to rain and sun, wood fences can experience wear and tear. The fence may start to lean, and its posts may start to rot and fall. The good thing is that maintaining a wood fence can be easy and inexpensive. 

Here are the simple ways to extend the life of your wooden fence.

  • Clean it regularly

Your fence is not only subject to rain and heat from the sun. It can also accumulate dirt and other debris from the surroundings. If the dirt and grime are not regularly removed, it can impact the life of your wooden fence — making it vulnerable to rot and weakens the materials. Pressure washing your wooden fence will guarantee that dirt and mold growth will be removed thoroughly. It is best to pressure wash your wooden fence every two to three years to extend the fence’s life. Make sure to do this on a sunny day to allow the fence to dry fast and well. 

  •  Repair any damage right away

Part of routine maintenance for your wooden fence is performing a regular inspection. This will allow you to identify minor problems on your wooden fence and fix them before it results in a more expensive repair. It is recommended that you run an inspection after a typhoon or heavy rain. If you notice a broken panel, a loose post, or as simple as a loose hinge, repair it right away so the problem won’t escalate. It is important that your fence is secured on the ground and the posts are stable enough. 

  • Stain and seal

After cleaning and pressure washing your wooden fence, the next thing that you might want to extend the life of your wooden fence is to stain and seal it. Staining and sealing your wooden fence will protect it against premature rotting and moisture damage. A sealant will also protect your fence against external elements such as termites, rain, and UV rays from the sun. There are also sealants with color, which will give your wooden fence a new and better look. And if you are looking for environmentally friendly sealants, then go for a water-based sealer. 

  • Prevent moisture damage

Sometimes we tend to rely on our DIY skills in installing posts to save on the installation cost. There is nothing wrong with this if you have the skills. However, you might improperly set up the posts of your fence, exposing it to more moisture; thus, resulting in premature rotting. To prevent this from happening, use galvanized column posts or a rot board as bases to prevent your fence from coming in contact with the ground. 

  • Call the experts

When it comes to repairing fence damages, it is best to leave the task to a professional fencing contractor like Armor Fence. They have wider knowledge and more experience in repairing and extending the life of your wooden fence.