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trex fence

What Are The Benefits of Trex Fencing?

July 6, 2021

Fencing provides much-needed protection to many homes. It provides security to your family members and pets by keeping unwanted visitors off of your property. When done right, it can also add value to your home by making your home look more manicured. One of the most sought-after types of fencing is Trez fencing. Trex fencing is made out of synthetic materials composed of recycled and post-consumer waste.

If you have been considering fencing around your home, Trex fencing is a great option to consider. Some of the benefits of Trex fencing are:

It is aesthetically pleasing
From the design to its colors, Trex fencing can compliment the architectural design of your property and make it look more appealing. The unique picture frame board design gives a finished look on both sides providing a sleek appearance from all sides. Whether you want fencing that will mimic the natural look of the wood or a fencing with modern design that will match the accents of your home, Trex fencing can provide you with it.

It creates more privacy
Trex fencing is a great choice to create privacy for those who live on a busy street. It’s designed with interlocking pickets that remove bowing and unnecessary gaping, which, in turn, boosts security. After installing this fencing you won’t have to worry about anyone invading your privacy while at home.

It’s low maintenance
Trex fencing is easy to install and maintain. It requires minimal maintenance and doesn’t need to be repainted, re-stained, or to be applied with sealant to prevent the color from fading. In order to clean your Trex fence you can simply use soap and water. In addition, Trex fencing is insect-proof and will not rot, meaning that this fence lasts significantly longer than traditional wood fences.

It’s durable
Composite fences may be durable, but they are not as durable as Trex fences. This type of fence is designed to be long-lasting and contains 4 times the vinyl thickness as other types of fencing. It can withstand powerful weather without rotting, warping, shrinking, or breaking. When there’s a storm you won’t have to worry about your fencing being destroyed because the interlocking quality of the fence’s pickets secures it and provides it with extra strength.

It’s eco-friendly
Trex fences are made of 95% recycled materials such as wood, sawdust, and plastic. During production, Trex fences follow strict green manufacturing guidelines in order to minimize its carbon footprint. Trex fencing is a wonderful sustainable option for those who would like it.

Upon first glance, Trex fencing is a bit more expensive than traditional fencing, however, you will receive great savings due to it’s tiny maintenance costs.