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5 Steps to Take Care of Your Fence This Summer

June 3, 2021

Your fences need to be well-maintained. But during hotter days, you might want to pay extra attention. The thing is, only a few people are aware of how to take care of their fence properly. And that is why we’ve created this brief post to help homeowners like you. 

Here are five simple steps on how you can ensure that your fence is in mint condition this summer. 

1. Look for Early Signs of Damages 

It is a must that you check your fence for possible damages. Since it is exposed to rain, wind, sunlight, and even snow, expect to see rust, corrosion, or breakages. Now, if you are using your fence to grow vines and vegetation, the more you have to look for signs of ‘wear and tear.’ 

The earlier you can spot the root causes of the problem, the better. This way, you can assess and fix the damages and save you a significant amount on repairs. 


2. Regularly Wash and Stain Your Wooden Fences

If you are like many homeowners who fancy wooden fences, you better make sure to wash and stain them. It’s best if you have a power washer to remove dirt from your fence. 

Take note that staining your wooden fence isn’t necessary every time you clean it. But it would be a great idea if you check its condition and evaluate if staining is needed. What this does is protect your fence from harmful UV and rot. 

For painted ones, more effort is required as the paint will peel during the hotter season, and you might need to do some retouches.  


3. Be Careful When Washing Vinyl Fences 

Today, we’ve seen that there is a surge of homeowners using vinyl fences. And why wouldn’t they? This option is ideal if you want something that is low maintenance. However, you still need to be careful to avoid dents or cracks on your vinyl. 

A simple trick is to be mindful when using a pressure washer. Check if the pressure is too strong and adjust accordingly. 


4. Aluminum Fences Need Extra Care Too 

Others choose aluminum fences simply because it’s easy to maintain. In most cases, you just need to rinse it with a hose. However, checking for signs of damages and stains is still necessary. If there are, you can always apply quality degreasers and lime cleaners. 

Don’t forget to read the instructions for your chosen products to obtain maximum results. 


5. Use Car Soap for Iron Fences 

Iron fences are made to be durable, and so some of you might think checking it up from time to time isn’t necessary. But as you may have already known, we encourage you to check your fence, even the iron ones, for possible wear.  

To clean your iron fence, car soap and even dishwashing liquid can do the job. And to give it more protection, you can always apply a special sealant or even a car wax. If there are roots nearby, see if these should be removed. Doing so can prolong the life of your fence. 


Your fence is as important as the other parts of your house. Depending on the style of your fence, it’s what gives your home its needed security and privacy. Make sure to take care of it, especially this summer. Otherwise, you might be spending more on more significant damages in the future.