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How Water Damage Can Affect Your Fence

January 25, 2022

Water damage can cause rot and affect the strength of your fence, for such reason that it’s essential to protect your fence from water damage during rainfall or any pipe bursts that could cause flooding.

The following are common ways in which water affects your fence:

Excess Rainwater or Flooding Can Cause Rot

When it rains too long, the ground becomes saturated and flooded. Flooding can cause the soil to become too soft, which may cause your fence to be damaged.

Bacteria or Mold Can Grow in Your Fence

When the ground is flood-prone and excessive rain, bacteria and mold may grow. It may affect the wood of your fence and any other structures. If this happens, there will be a significant risk not only to your fence but to your health too. You can get sick because the bacteria or mold could be infected with harmful diseases.

Excessive Water Pressure Can Cause Cracks in Your Fence

Water pressure can cause melamine panels to split up because they are made from thin material.

Water Can Damage Your Fence Post

If you have a fence post made from wood, it may rot and deteriorate when it gets wet for far too long without any time to dry out.

Wood Rotting Caused by Water Can Attract Insects to Your Fence and Wood Panels

Insects can thrive in moist environments like those soaked and softened by water. The longer they are left on your fence, the more they will succeed because they will use your wood as a food source.

Dirt and Mud Can Be Trapped in Your Fence

When the ground is saturated, rainwater or floodwater will flow into your yard or home. The dirt and mud that flow with the water may get trapped on your fence. It will speed up rotting and cause your fence to decay when this happens.

How Do You Stop Water Damage to Your Fence?

There are ways to protect your fence from water damage resulting from water line pipe bursts or flooding. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Enable Good Drainage in Your Yard or Home

Ensuring that you have good drainage will be a critical factor in preventing any water from stagnating on the ground.

  • Use Pressure Treated Fence Panels

When the wood used for your fence panels is treated with chemicals, the wood will be protected from rot and decay, so there will be no need to worry about this issue.

  • Use Mesh Material for Your Fence

Mesh material can give you the advantage of keeping water from destroying your fence. In this way, you can protect your fence from any rain that could threaten its integrity. Use this solution for any damage to your fences like water pipes breaks and any related problems that may cause flooding or seepage into the ground.

Water damage is a considerable risk for many homes because it can cause many problems like damaging wooden fences and creating cracks on walls. These may usually weaken structures, and if left unattended, the wooden walls or concrete fences may fall. In this case, it is best to understand water damage and the possible approaches to manage it when it occurs.