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Pre Fence Installation Processes for Rockville MD Residents

January 22, 2015

Residential fence installation in Rockville, MD starts with your imagination, growing into a rough sketch drawn as you look out your window. Or, as in our case, after some discussion, each drive or walk led to detours as we scouted out fence types and styles in Rockville to see our options – what would best suit our needs, complement our house and property, and sit well with our neighbors.

With the help of a local, professional fence installation company, our rough sketch became an architectural drawing with measurements and details, including permanent structures, trees, landscaping elements and what they call landscape “obstacles”.

Here’s an outline of the steps we took before we signed a fence installation contract in Rockville, MD to get the best fence installation for our money.

Fence Selection

When you choose a fence style and material, consider maintenance, initial cost, appearance and architectural compatibility with your home. A privacy fence sits at eye level or higher and is a solid wall. A semi-private fence has solid components interspersed between open designs at the top or between posts. A decorative fence is installed as an aesthetic element, a sort of backdrop for your landscape.It does not secure space, or minimize or block visibility.

Wooden fences, whether pressure-treated, unfinished or a painted wood, require regular maintenance. You’ll need to clean, stain or paint it, and reseal. Vinyl fences just need to be rinsed. Metal fences, including aluminum and steel, often offer more decorative alternatives, but some require additional maintenance and repainting, though aluminum is more maintenance-free.

Fence Materials

Stick-built fences usually have wood, vinyl, or composite components. Each picket, slat, and post is assembled by hand. Pre-assembled or manufactured panels are available in most fencing materials. The pickets in stick-built fences smoothly follow the contours of the land. Installing pre-built sections, or fence panels, means that any length of fence extending over a grade requires stair-step installation to follow the slope of the land. Make note of any decorative or functional accessory elements, such as post caps, low-voltage lighting, gates, or finials, for example.

Zoning Requirements for Fence Installation

Municipal zoning guides all types of building and fence installation is treated no differently. There are height, location and, sometimes, style restrictions.

Variances can be sought for fence situations that fall outside the regulations and should be obtained before construction. Whether a permit is required depends on the municipality. Homeowners should check with their municipality’s zoning officer, who will be able to guide their fence installation project and answer questions. Remember to check with any homeowner’s associations for additional requirements.

So let your imagination wander, and explore the incredible opportunities for your new fence installation in Rockville, MD.