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Things to Consider Before Constructing an Outdoor Living Space

March 10, 2017

An outdoor living space is a valuable addition to any home as it increases equity and significantly boosts visual appeal. However, there are many things to consider before beginning construction on the outdoor living space of your dreams. Aside from budget, size and design you’ll also want to take into account equally as important items like building permits, safety, functionality, and how much time you’ll be spending in your room, in order to obtain a broader vision of your project and minimize potential future frustrations. Whether you’re taking on the project yourself or hiring contractors, consider the following:

Will you require a building permit?

If you’re planning on building a deck, fence, or other outdoor structure, you may be required to get a permit, depending on your local building codes. This is usually the case for decks over a specific square footage and height. Obtaining the proper permit will certify that you’re building a safe and secure area for you and your loved ones and that you won’t face any issues in the event that you sell your home.

How will you occupy the space?

It is important to have a clear idea as to what kind of environment and atmosphere you want to create for your outdoor living area. This will help you determine the design and level of functionality you want to achieve.

If you plan on using the space as a family room and have small children, creating a safe environment will certainly be a top priority and you’ll want to take additional steps to ensure safety, such as installing slip-resistant flooring or screening the perimeter.

If you’re aiming to create the perfect setting for grilling and social gatherings, you may want to designate space for a sink, counter, appliances, or other functional elements.

Though, if your goal is to establish a personal space for reading, meditating, or personal down time, visual décor and design may take precedence over functionality.

How often will you occupy the area?

Will you make use of the room year-round or seasonally? Always keep climate in mind to help you with ideas on how to adapt the room accordingly. Installing a fireplace or other outdoor heating system will help make your room cozy and enjoyable even during the cold winter months.

For those hot summer months, installing overhead shading and ceiling fans will assist in keeping your room comfortable.

Remember that your outdoor living space is a valuable investment. Whether you’ll use it to create new memories with your family, entertain guests, or simply take a break from life’s everyday demands, the space you create will undoubtedly bring you more pleasure and joy. Let’s build!