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6 Reasons Why Winter is a Great Time to Think About Your Fence

February 9, 2017

Winter is often the last season anyone would consider installing a new fence. As the temperature drops, and the air gets colder, the focus is no longer on the outdoors. People spend a lot less time in their yards and aren’t thinking about outside home projects. These important tasks tend to linger. Most homeowners wait until the warmer months to tackle fence work and this isn’t the only option. It’s not even the best option.

Although it may seem like a crazy idea to some, there are several benefits to starting your fence project in the winter.  Here are six good reasons not to hold off until spring:

  • Winter is a great time to get free estimates and schedule timely appointments

Few homeowners are seeking contractors in the winter, making more of them available to you. They have more unscheduled time to set up estimates and start work. If you wait until the weather improves, you may end up at the bottom of a long waiting list. That is what many people tend to do. Prepare ahead and have your fence completed before the rush. More of your contractor’s attention will be focused on you and your project will be done sooner.

  • Prices tend to be better off-season

Since fewer homeowners are seeking contractors in the winter and less work is being done, the demand for lumber and labor decreases in the colder months, and therefore those savings are typically passed on to customers.

  • It is easier to trim branches and bushes in the colder months

In the winter, there is a lot less foliage on the branches. Trees are sparse after shedding their leaves at autumn. This can make the process flow more easily for you or for a contractor. It is also easier to get the work done while no one is using the yard. Take care of business while it is cold so you can enjoy your new fence when it gets warmer and the trees are back in bloom. Installing during the spring or summer can put a damper on the outdoor fun.

  • Get privacy year round

All the trees and shrubs that have protected your privacy during most the year will inevitably grow sparse at the end of the year. During that time, they no longer provide a cozy, natural barrier. If you don’t have a fence in place, winter may be the right time to build one.

  • Worse condition of the fence

If you have an existing fence that is cracked or rotted, a harsh winter will surely damage it further. It is best not to wait to repair or replace the structure. A brand-new fence will perform better and look better too.

  • Safety for your pet

A cuddly, new puppy is a popular holiday gift, romping beneath the tree on Christmas morning. If you are preparing to give or receive a furry friend during the giving season and you don’t already have a good fence, now is the time to set up a safe, fenced in area for your lovable, new addition.

Winter can cold, dark and dreary, and an outdoor fence project may seem like a daunting task. But there are perks that come with getting the work done during the off-season. Besides, when the warm weather makes its way back around, you will be glad the job has been completed.