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All About Vinyl Fencing For Your Fairfax, VA Home

January 26, 2015

DMV Fences

The fencing options are nearly limitless for homeowners throughout Northern Virginia, sometimes making it hard to choose between a vinyl fence, a composite fence or even a wooden privacy fence. Vinyl fencing offers some advantages over the other types of fencing, making it a wise choice for many Fairfax, VA homeowners.

Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area homeowners looking for a privacy fence can take assurance from the vinyl privacy fence, which has locking tone and groove pickets. The privacy you seek from a traditional wood privacy fence is achieved seamlessly with a vinyl fence.


Available in white or tan, vinyl privacy fences also utilized vinyl gates for easy access to your home and lawn when needed. The type of vinyl fence gates offered varies by manufacturer, but all are sturdy and strong with supportive hinges for dependability. When purchasing a vinyl fence gate, inspect the hinges to ensure they can align both vertically and horizontally, in addition to offering self-closing through tension adjusting.

The traditional style of picket fencing is available in vinyl fencing as well, with a six-inch tongue and groove vinyl picket the industry standard. The six-inch width is the most commonly selected width because of its stability in high winds and when subjected to great force (or even force from rowdy kids). Next comes the “webbing” in the pickets; many companies use two-webbed picket rather than three-wedded picket simply to reduce costs. The term “webbing” or “webbed” refers to the vinyl reinforcement content inside each picket; the higher the number, the more “webbing” was used in its construction.

For more information on how to best choose the vinyl fencing for your Northern Virginia home, contact the area’s premier vinyl fencing company, Armor Fence. Serving all of the Washington DC metro area, Armor Fence’s professionally trained installation experts provide the highest quality service and nothing but superior products.