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Turn Your Northern Virginia Patio Into A Private Paradise With Container Gardening

January 26, 2015

The hectic day-to-day life that many struggle with in the Washington DC area makes coming home for peace and quiet even that much more important. Turning your patio into a plush, garden paradise is one way to take your evening escape a bit further.

Even though you may not have the desire to plant a full blown vegetable garden, turning your patio into a garden paradise can be as easy as you want it to be. Whether you choose to plant a plethora of vegetables to make even the best farmer’s market jealous, or simply want enough tomatoes and cucumbers to compliment a dinner salad, it can be achieved without ever stepping off your patio.

Planning and imagination are all it takes to make the most of your patio paradise. Using a combination of height-gathering plants, such as tomatoes, and everyday normal house plants you can use the foliage to add privacy to your patio while also producing fresh fruits and vegetables.

While this idea started with apartments and condos, the idea has blossomed into homeowners gardening and creating privacy in their backyard. Choosing to garden in pots or containers eliminates the necessity of digging up a portion of your lawn, while also providing a controlled environment for less work.

Some naysayers may content that container gardening prevents plants from reaching their full potential, but others will say it’s managing your crop to what you can handle. Let’s face it, most people don’t want hours of gardening chores, after a long day of work. Instead, by planting your patio paradise in containers, you reap the benefits (fresh produce and privacy) without the headache of maintenance (no need to weed a potted plant).

Consult with local landscaping experts if you need assistance choosing the right combination of plants and flowers to compliment your patio paradise. Choosing a combination of potted vegetable plants, flowering plants and even shrubs and foliage can create a patio like you ever expected.

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