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Why Include Under Deck Drainage Systems when Building Wood Decks in Northern Virginia?

January 22, 2015

When you begin to plan your wood deck, think of how to maximize each possible outdoor living space. Including functional design elements when planning wood decks in Northern Virginia can create multiple distinct spaces. On the deck surface smart accessories, strategic lighting, attractive finishes and guardrails set the main level apart. Cascading to the ground multiple tiers of wood decking invite you to enjoy cooking, dining, and relaxing in the great outdoors. Down below, beneath the open air, sits a separate, covered living space. If designed with intent, it can be your bonus space – a private screened porch, a casual patio or a covered porch that transitions into a landscaped Eden.

Install dry deck drainage and the result is a sheltered virgin space underneath wood decks in Northern Virginia. A proper ceiling material reflects and intensifies natural light – enhancing the space below, keeping it dry, and helping to safely redirect water runoff from the upper surfaces of your home and away from the foundation.

A complete dry deck drainage system can typically be installed and completed in a few days under any deck. Both existing and new construction wood decks in Northern Virginia are eligible candidates for an under deck drainage system. They provide a wide range of features and benefits that offer tremendous value for your Northern Virginia home, including:

  • Extends the existing property drainage system
  • Protects the extended healthy life of wood decks
  • Adds a cooler, shaded oasis in warm weather
  • Increases flexible living space
  • Provides a supplemental entertainment area

Consisting of a waterproof membrane installed just under the decking above the frame, the deck drainage system employs a channel system that directs water to the perimeter gutters and away from your home. Various reputable companies manufacture under deck drainage systems for installation during deck construction or as a retrofit. Check the manufacturer’s requirements when choosing materials for wood decks in Northern Virginia to verify the under deck-drainage system you choose works with their products.

No matter how you look at it, an under deck drainage system in Northern Virginia is a good investment. Home resale values show curb appeal and outdoor living rank high on a buyer’s list of desired features. Building wood decks in Northern Virginia with under deck-drainage systems doubles your outdoor living enjoyment at a fraction of the cost of other improvements.

Why include under deck drainage systems when building wood decks in Northern Virginia? It adds living space – both on your wood deck in Northern Virginia, and in the bonus space below – that you can comfortably enjoy with family and friends every day at home.