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Create Dry Space for Double the Outdoor Pleasure With Composite Decks in Springfield, VA

January 22, 2015

Composite decks in Springfield, VA are all the rage. The extreme popularity is easy to understand. With low maintenance – no sanding, staining or sealing, and extended lifespans, what is not to like? Contemporary composite decks are fade-resistant and stand up to mold, decay, rot, and warping. They never splinter or split and are of no use to common insect pests. Manufactured in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles, and now available with hidden fastener systems, composite decks in Springfield are simple to build and easy to enjoy.


Exterior composite products are manufactured of virgin or recycled plastic and wood, ground to a fiber and fused by resins in high-pressure molds. The resulting composite is a weather-resistant, durable, lightweight construction material just perfect for use in outdoor construction. Over time the strength and consistency of these composite products has improved tremendously, and it’s versatility is transforming the design and construction of decks throughout Northern Virginia.

According to certified master inspector C. Dwight Barnett in Evansville, IN, plan to use pressure-treated lumber (PTL) for your deck in foundational areas that require strength and durability. All decks, whether the surface is made of wood or a plastic wood composite, need the safety and support of PTL. But composite surfaces, railings, trim, and accessories remain the top choice for decks in Springfield and throughout Northern Virginia.


Planning your composite deck design details, materials, patterns, and accessories before you build a deck is a simple, cost-effective way to create purposeful, dedicated outdoor spaces. As you explore composite deck materials consider a combination of outdoor spaces and structures to create your unique outdoor living environment. Build a deck with a patio, or a deck with a screened porch. Use outdoor structures such as pergolas, gazebos, and arbors to introduce visual diversity, provide shade, and encourage transparent transitional areas between the indoors and outdoors.

An especially helpful and extremely cost-effective method to increase your usable outdoor space is investing in an under deck drainage system. These systems gather and direct water from between your planks. Simply put, it turns the lower level under your deck into a patio for additional leisure and storage space. Creating usable dry space under your deck not only expands your livable outdoor space, it also provides the ultimate weather protection for the support structure of your composite deck.

There are many reasons to double your outdoor space with a dry deck drainage system for composite decks in Springfield, VA. Give Armor Fence a call if you need professional assistance in planning or designing your new composite deck in Springfield.